Memory Memorial Park Cemetery
A Freedom of Choice CemeteryTM
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Memory Memorial Park Cemetery is the only Freedom of Choice CemeteryTM in Clark County, WA. We feature a full range of options for both traditional and cremation burials including ground burials, scatter garden, family estates, and above ground interments to name a few. We are also one of the only cemeteries in the area that allow your own Private Estate building.

Memory Memorial Park Cemetery also allows freedom in memorialization. No longer will you be restricted to a flat memorial or a bronze marker. At Memory Memorial Park Cemetery you have the option of an upright monument a flat marker or just about anywhere in between.

Memory Memorial Park Cemetery can help you plan for the future as well. We offer a wide range of pre-need arrangement plans that will remove the decision making burden from your family. Of course at-need arrangements can also be made.

Please browse our site and if you have any questions or would to arrange either pre-need or at-need services, please call us at 360-573-3241 or send us an email at

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